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de 09.30 a 19.30

Aproveite ao máximo o seu tempo!

Experimente o nosso serviço de recolha e entrega apartir do seu hotel no Funchal


Os funcionários são simpáticos, instalações modernas, excelente serviço

Primeiro Andar, Centro Comercial Monumental Lido, Estrada Monumental, 284, 1º, 6

T. (00 351) 291 605 006 / M. (00 351) 931 367 236

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Serviços de lavandaria

(Max 8 Kg)
(Max 8 Kg)
(Max 8 Kg)
Machine à laver
(Max 8 Kg)
(Max 8 Kg)
(Max 8 Kg)
(Max 8 Kg)
(Max 8 Kg)
Serviço assistido

Só tem de deixar a roupa,
Nós fazemos o resto!
Assisted Service

You leave it, We do it.

Du lässt es, Wir machen es!.
Service assisté

Vous le laissez, Nous le faisons!
Passar a ferro
Por peça
Per item
Pro Stück
Prix à l’unité
Recolha e Entrega
9h00 - 12h00
Collection & Delivery
9:00 to 12 Midday
Sammlung und Lieferung
9:00 - 12:00
Collecte et Livraison
9:00 - 12:00

Experimente o nosso serviço de recolha e entrega

Você está de férias. Hora de relaxar e esquecer de lavar e engomar.

O nosso serviço de recolha e entrega é perfeito para aqueles que querem tirar o máximo proveito do seu tempo de férias.

Para solicitar este serviço, basta entrar em contacto conosco, para confirmar se está na nossa área.


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  • review rating 5  nice staff and excellent Service, 15 euro for wash n dry service

    thumb Pascal Bräuning

    review rating 5  Great friendly service. We took our washing there for a service wash and was told that they were introducing a collection and delivery service so they delivered the clean washing back to our hotel later in the day just for a few euros extra.

    thumb Alison Chavasse

    review rating 5  Excellent services wash at reasonable price. I would suggest the company makes arrangements for pickup and drop off to local hotels

    thumb James Prichard
  • review rating 5  Excellent service costs 10 euros wash and dry if you do it yourself 5 extra if staff do it for you. About 2 hours for a wash and dry. You don't need powder or conditioner as its built in to machine and clothes smell LOVELY afterwards. Staff are EXTREMELY friendly and helpful as are the owners if you get to meet them. Saw them on a Friday. Location is on the right in a small shopping centre on second floor just before the Lido when heading away from Funchal. Recommend using dryer on medium heat as drys everything just as quick and some clothes didn't even need ironing! Quality of washes is excellent. Machines and quality superior to UK. You can cut down on luggage if you are prepared to spend a couple of hours washing and drying!

    thumb Lucinda Darby

    review rating 5  Fantastic customer service! I dropped my laundry off and went to dinner and picked it up on my way back to my hotel. The owner could not have been friendlier and my clothes were clean, dry, fresh and folded! I would highly recommend Judita’s! It is a great value compared to most hotels’ laundry service. You also have the option to do your own laundry which will save you 5 euro should you choose. Note: it is on the 2nd floor - Google Maps may not mention that when you arrive at the address.

    thumb Candice